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if you are 13 to 19, join our

We have so many exciting things going on in our teens.

We can't wait to meet you!

Hang out with friends, play games, and have snacks!
Take part and join us in worship and listen to relevant and exciting messages that the young generation needs to hear.
See you there!


1 / When do we meet?

The teens meet every Sunday, at 11.30 AM at Jubilee Hall or sometimes on Saturdays too!

2 / If I am 19 Can I join?

Absolutely! Community of Grace also has a Young Adults gathering on Sunday afternoons for those 20 and above.

3 / What can I expect in the group?

It is a time to gather, pray and grow closer to The Lord. Our hope is for you to find a community you can grow and find support in.

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